Planning your project

Simply put, W.C. Meek applies a “BUILD IN THEORY BEFORE YOU BUILD IN REALITY” approach to their projects.

Why choose WCM

WCM Advantage

At W.C. Meek, the Advantage is our PROJECT PROCESS. Whether you Project is a small Bathroom Renovation or a New Home, our PROJECT PROCESS works.

Plan your project today!


W.C. Meek believes that listening to the clients requirements for design and functionality, budget and time constraints, coupled with a continuous line of open communication, is the key to a projects success.

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Construction whether it be, Residential or Commercial must be drafted on paper first – Design, Scope of Work, Costing and Timelines — so they are not built on unexpected time and dollars later in the project.

No job is too big or too small for ‘AWARD WINNING ‘ W.C. Meek Design and Construction (WCM), as long as you have the passion for Architecture and Interior Design Details, and DO-IT RIGHT construction.