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360Necessary documentation of the project condensed into our Client Manual at project completion for Maintenance and repair reference.

W.C. Meek built your Home or Renovation, they know how it was built, use WCM Division Company 360° HOME to maintain the well-being of your home. After a project is complete, WCM will provide you with the as built functions and details of your home. WCM will provide you with after completion maintenance tips, as well as After completion maintenance service that will keep your home fine-tuned and running well. Think about it this way – If you purchased a new Vehicle and it was a Mercedes, would you take it to a GM dealer for repairs? Likely not.

360 HOME – House Details

Forest HillForest Hill – Client since 2008 – After a large renovation in 2008/09, WC Meek has helped this client maintain and take care of this house with regards to HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Exterior painting, Roofing and Aluminum work, Woodworking and typical home troubleshooting.



BeachesBeaches – Client since 2005 – After a full gut, and large addition to existing house, WC Meek has helped this client maintain this house with regards to Electrical, Plumbing, Interior Finishes maintenance, Exterior painting, Roofing and Copperwork/Aluminum work, and Woodworking.



Thornhill - 1 Thornhill - 2Thornhill – Client since 2014 – A newer client to the 360 HOME list, WC Meek restored the fairly new but weather beaten  exterior Cedar siding.  Other projects include Bathroom renovation, Electrical and HVAC maintenance projects.



Lawrence ParkLawrence Park – Client since 1996 – A long standing client that dates back to the mid 90’s.  Client has been a tremendous help in referring WC Meek to their family and friends.  After a large renovation in the early 2000’s, WC Meek has been taking care of many house details including Exterior and Interior Painting, Electrical, Plumbing, Exterior Woodworking, Roofing and Aluminum, and typical home troubleshooting.  Thank you SM/NM for being such great clients, and giving your trust and support over the years!


RosedaleRosedale – Client since 2011 – After a full re-build to an existing century old Coach house, WC Meek has been called for small maintenance projects such as Eaves Cleaning and General repairs.  The house is difficult to access and exterior finishes require care when maintaining.  Therefore why not use the company who built the project.


Lower Forest HillLower Forest Hill –  Client since 2013 – New homeowners and 5 year old house, but still things needed to be maintained that were left from day 1.  WC Meek has performed everything from trouble shooting to figure out a pesky water issue to upgrading Kitchen function by adding accessories to organize, installing light fixtures, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance.


Old Forrest Hill - 1Old Forest Hill – Client since 2008 –  360 HOME’s most challenging house in terms of Old Forest Hill - 2scope of work.  Since 2008, WC Meek has taken on the day to day maintenance and repairs for this house which have included very large projects, very small projects and very specialized projects.  We have performed Indoor Pool renovations and maintenance, Bathroom renovations, Outdoor terrace and patio renovations, monitor and maintenance of all HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing systems, Interior and Exterior Painting, Window replacements, Eaves and Window cleaning, …. and the list continues.  We have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on this house for such a long period of time and continue to do so.