Gordon Baker Road, North York

The scope of this project was a full floor demolition and back to base building. The floor plate was just under 15,000 sq. ft. and did not have any remaining tenants on that floor. It was time to get it ready for new occupancy. The fourth floor previously had four separate tenant suites with different concepts, finishes and construction elements each with their own unique demolition requirements. The elevator lobby and corridor had detailed wood features on the walls and ceiling which also had to removed to allow for an upgrade to the new base building standard when a new tenant was found.

Marlee, Diagnostics and Cardiac Centre

This site functioned as a bank branch for many years. They provided client banking services on the ground floor. They had the basement space as well which was only utilized for a mechanical room and storage with a staff room and washrooms. The ground floor was originally three units in a strip plaza which had been opened up into one large space. The basement was still primarily 3 separate units with 12” block walls dividing the three units. Abandoned staircases in the basement had been encased in concrete block as well. An existing feature in this space was two large bank vaults, one the ground floor and one in the basement having 20” concrete walls and ceilings.

Wilson Avenue, Diagnostics Centre

This project was a renovation and expansion to an existing Diagnostic Clinic as our client assumed ownership. The existing clinic was expanded from 930 sq. ft. to 1,580 sq. ft. The project was completed in two phases and it remained occupied throughout the construction period. All patient services had to be maintained during the length of the construction. The diagnostic centre was also upgraded to be handicapped accessible.