Gordon Baker Road, North York

The scope of this project was a full floor demolition and back to base building. The floor plate was just under 15,000 sq. ft. and did not have any remaining tenants on that floor. It was time to get it ready for new occupancy. The fourth floor previously had four separate tenant suites with different concepts, finishes and construction elements each with their own unique demolition requirements. The elevator lobby and corridor had detailed wood features on the walls and ceiling which also had to removed to allow for an upgrade to the new base building standard when a new tenant was found.

Although the floor was unoccupied, there were tenants below and above the space. The tenant below where very sensitive to any noise and disruption. It was imperative that all noisy work be completed after hours. The trades worked during the day and evening to ensure that the landlord and tenants were not impacted by the project. WCM did not receive one noise complaint.

All walls, flooring, ring corridor, redundant electrical, mechanical & plumbing, drywall ceilings, doors, millwork, etc. were removed. All walls and columns were patched and the perimeter walls were patched and skimmed to the floor. All wall surfaces and columns, base building doors and lobby were prime painted. The ceiling grid was adjusted to bring it into line for a single tenant floor and infilled where drywall ceilings were removed. All base building lights were chain hung. Great care was needed in all structural elements involving the slab floor and ceiling as the building is post tension so the concrete or cables could not be compromised. Floor grinding was completed throughout the entire floor to remove the carpet glue to ready the space for a new tenant and their finishes.

The fire alarm system was modified to suit the open floor plan and a full test was completed. All exit lights were upgraded to the new code requirements. All removed materials such as insulation, drywall, piping, lights, carpet, etc. were separated and recycled where applicable.

WCM was contracted as a general contractor to secure and manage all necessary trades. We also were responsible for coordinating all construction activities with the building owner and support staff to ensure compliance with his design/construction criteria. Site management was extremely important to ensure that no tenants were disturbed during this work and that was accomplished.

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