Marlee, Diagnostics and Cardiac Centre

This site functioned as a bank branch for many years. They provided client banking services on the ground floor. They had the basement space as well which was only utilized for a mechanical room and storage with a staff room and washrooms. The ground floor was originally three units in a strip plaza which had been opened up into one large space. The basement was still primarily 3 separate units with 12” block walls dividing the three units. Abandoned staircases in the basement had been encased in concrete block as well. An existing feature in this space was two large bank vaults, one the ground floor and one in the basement having 20” concrete walls and ceilings.

The medical centre was being constructed to offer patient services on the ground floor and basement. The initial scope of the project required extensive demolition and structural work to get the space ready for the build-out of the clinic to house staff and equipment.

The commencement of the ground floor medical renovation required that all the existing interior partitions (including the drywall on the exterior walls to expose the brick/block structure), floor finishes, ceiling, light fixtures, duct work, ATM machine structures, etc. were removed. This allowed us to see the whole shell and to upgrade to new energy efficient insulation and furr out block walls for voice/data and electrical outlets, etc. and to create the new partition layout. The ground floor level was designed for diagnostic services including ultra-sound, echo cardiogram and X-ray.

The basement demolition was much more involved with the removal of the block demising walls, abandoned staircases encased in block and the entire floor slab, existing washrooms, etc. The basement required new beams and columns to be placed throughout the space to open it up, the floor above all the staircase openings which were removed had to be infilled and the existing support the entire building including apartments above was upgraded. Extensive excavation was required for this and to also allow for the lowering of the basement slab to gain the needed ceiling height for the new layout and medical equipment. Underpinning was required in several areas as well.  The basement space was designed to provide Cardiac and Nuclear Patient Services.

This project was a complete gut and rebuild including all new electrical system and services (including a new upgraded hydro service and new electrical room), all new plumbing lines and drains, Mitsubishi split systems for HVAC, the perimeter of the basement space was waterproofed and a weeping tile system was installed complete with a sump pit and pumps. As the building is combustable it was necessary to create complete fire separation between all floors as well including the apartments above.

A pit was also created for the new elevator which would be operating between the ground floor and basement complete with the block elevator shaft. The elevator was installed to move patients between the ground floor and basement.

It was necessary to construct an equipment well in the basement out the west side of the building to allow the delivery of large medical equipment weighing over 5,000 lbs. Extensive lead lining of the partitions, doors and frames was required throughout the space to protect staff and patients.

WCM provided project management and construction management services to the client. This included being the liaison between all consultants, owner and tenant as well as managing the various client suppliers and installers.

Phase One of the construction was the expansion space which provided new entry and reception, waiting room, barrier free washroom, Doctor’s consult room/cardiac stress lab (a new service), change rooms and the upgrade to the X-ray equipment from film to digital technology. Phase two consisted of the reconfiguring of the X-Ray room, constructing three new ultra sound rooms (from one previously), upgrades to the existing washroom, staff servery, washer/dryer closet and LAN room.

Extensive demolition was required to reconfigure the existing space into the new layout. The existing floor finishes from 5 previous installations were removed to return to the slab on grade and porcelain tile was added throughout. The existing dated and mismatched ceiling tile and florescent light fixtures were removed and a new ceiling tile/grid complete with LED pot lights was installed. The entire clinic was removed from the existing base building HVAC radiator system and new Mitsubishi systems were installed complete with evaporators. This allowed for more localized temperature control in patient areas and the ability to adjust for equipment heat sensitivities. Evaporators were mounted in key locations throughout the space.

Due to the successful completion of the initial multiphased project, a second renovation was requested 6 months after the initial project to expand the cardiac services and stress lab. This renovation required a reconfiguration of the reception area, waiting room and existing Doctor’s consult office, to allow for the addition of a second stress room. The scheduling of this renovation was completed around the Doctor’s schedules and was extremely challenging as work had to be done strategically to ensure patient services and safety was maintained.

WCM was contracted to supply all the design and engineering drawings for this project. We also were responsible for coordinating all construction activities with the building owner/landlord to ensure compliance with his design/construction criteria. Full Construction Management services were provided as well including coordinating all equipment suppliers, communications and security installation, server and software setup, etc.

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