Why Choose WCM?

Since 1999, W.C. Meek has developed a checklist approach called the “PROJECT PROCESS” in order to educate our clients as to what is included, and what to expect previous to starting a project.

‘’Expectations mean a lot, and it is important for us to let our clients know what happens next whether it be during Design or Construction Phases.’’

Our DESIGN-BUILD “PROJECT PROCESS” involves the following phases:

PHASE 1 Initial Project Consultation

  • Initial Consultation (fees may apply)
  • Site review to determine the Preliminary Project Scope
  • Determine the Preliminary Project Budget
  • Project Design Proposal with Preliminary Project Cost Ranges
  • Project Design Proposal sign-off by Client

PHASE 2 Preliminary Concept Design and Development

  • Questionnaire to ascertain Clients requirements, lifestyle, functionality and design
  • Site measurements of the designated area for AUTOCAD drawing
  • Prepare Preliminary Conceptual Drawings
  • Budgets for Preliminary Scope of Work based on Concept

PHASE 3 Concept Presentation and Alteration

  • Discuss and review the Conceptual drawings, Budgets and Details
  • Post Presentation Revisions and notes
  • Revision to Design and Meeting, if required

PHASE 4 Concept Design Development

  • Develop options (if required) including cabinetry, storage, design details, materials, plumbing, electrical and mechanical alteration
  • Development to the Budget and Scope of Work.
  • Client Sign-off.

PHASE 5 Interior Design and Development

  • All Material finishes sourcing, options and selection relevant to scope
  • Floor pattern and Lighting plans
  • Elevation drawings, cabinetry drawings if or where required
  • Prepare Finishes Schedule
  • Final presentation of the interior design documentation.
NOTE: Interior Design Phase can be performed in parallel with PHASE 6

PHASE 6 Engineering and Final Design Drawings

  • Review of Design for any Structural and HVAC calculations, if any
  • Amendments to design, if required to accommodate Engineering requirements
  • Final Design and Construction Drawings
  • Prepare Detailed Scope of Work
  • Final Construction Pricing
  • Client Sign-off

PHASE 7 Architectural Document Assembly

  • Working drawings (by BCIN Designer) for Building Permit with ALL floor plans, relevant Elevations, Cross Sections, Structural
  • Details, Mechanical Details, Other Calculations and Notes
  • Application and Receipt of Building Permit
  • Obtain City stamped drawings and Building Permits, Construction Contract Sign-off by Client, and any changes that might have taken place with the City.
  • Prepare Construction Work Schedule and Contract Payment Schedule
NOTE: Phases may change if Committee of Adjustment or other proceedings are required by City.

PHASE 8 Construction

  • Commence construction work upon completion of PHASE 7
  • Frequent review of construction progress with Client
  • Site trouble shooting as required
  • Co-ordination of Crew and Trade under the Contract
  • Review of completed work with Client
  • Rectify any Deficiencies
  • Final Payment

PHASE 9 Construction Completion

  • Deliverables upon full completion
  • All Project Drawings
  • Relevant documentation and pertinent notes taken throughout the project for reference
  • Relevant Operation Manuals, Warranty documents, maintenance guides
  • Look forward to being of service to you again


COLLABORATIVE DESIGN-BUILD PROCESS is the same as DESIGN-BUILD PROCESS except that Design Phases would not be in our scope.  We highly recommend that WCM be part of your initial Design Process for budgeting purposes.