Planning Your Project

Simply put, W.C. Meek applies a “BUILD IN THEORY BEFORE YOU BUILD IN REALITY” approach to their projects.  Whether the Project is a Design-Build project, or a Design-Build Collaboration, the W.C. Meek (WCM) PROJECT PROCESS will ensure all Project Phases and Stages are kept on track.  From initial Concepts to Final Design, Scope of Work to Final Costing, Contract Documents to Project Timeline, then Construction to Project Completion, W.C. Meek’s PROJECT PROCESS is your Master Plan.
BENEFITS of following W.C. Meek’s PROJECT PROCESS are the following:
  1. Design Drawings, Scope of Work Development and Costing – Know what is required to execute your project.
  2. Contract Documents – Know what is included and not included in the Price of your project
  3. Payment Schedules – Know you pay nominal deposit to get started and pay the rest in line with Progress of the construction
  4. Critical Path Schedules and Planning – Know a realistic timeline when your project will be complete, as well as the ability to make adjustments to the schedule as things evolve
  5. Client Manual at Completion – Know details about your new Home or Project once construction is complete. How the Home functions, where things are and how to maintain them
‘Why choose WCM’ for the PROJECT PROCESS details