Planning Your Project

1. Consultation

BUILD the Trust and Relationship

Initial meetings for introduction to either discuss a project that you are aspiring to do, or consult on existing BUILDing issues that require attention.
W.C. Meek will approach each and every prospective project assessing it’s feasibility based on Design, Budget and Build. From that point we can realistically set the Client’s expectations. Dream Home Projects are great, but it needs to get off on the right foot from the beginning and if expectations are not set early, the project will be a Dream that is far from REALITY.

2. Design

BUILD the Design

Develop Concepts and Design Drawings based on your project requirements, Manage and execute the Architectural, Engineering and Permitting to BUILD your Design.
W.C. Meek will do this with our in house Design Team and Associated professionals to make sure that your project can be properly specified, priced and tailored to your wants and desires.

3. Construction Documentation

BUILD the Construction Documents

Develop Scope of Work and Project Costing – Task by Task an account of the BUILD process, accompanies the drawings and makes it possible to price in detail and put realistic timelines on the project. The evolution of this is our Construction Contract/Proposal, Payment Schedule, Work Order and Critical Path Timeline for BUILDing.
W.C. Meek puts a great amount of time and effort into the Processing all of these documents before the BUILD starts in order for the Project to be on Schedule, and on Budget. Any Project that lack’s clarity or the inclusion of these documents is sure to negatively affect the Projects Schedule and or Budget.

4. Project Management

BUILD the Project

Execute all the information within the Drawings, Specifications, Scope of Work and Schedules to BUILD your Project.
W.C. Meek will manage your project on 4 levels:
  • WCM Site Lead Carpenter and WCM Work Crew,
  • WCM Project manager – Visits site to make sure flow, schedule and details are properly done,
  • WCM Project Coordination – from the office, our Design/Project Co-ordinator will coordinate schedule, material and fixture orders and be available for quick resolution as required.
  • WCM In house Bookkeeping and Accounting keeps our project records up to date on a regular basis.

5. Maintenance – 360°HOME.

BUILD the Maintenance Plan

Necessary documentation of the project condensed into our Client Manual at project completion for Maintenance and repair reference.
W.C. Meek built your Home or Renovation, they know how it was built, use WCM Division Company 360 HOME to maintain the well-being of your home. After a project is complete, WCM will provide you with the as built functions and details of your home. WCM will provide you with after completion maintenance

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tips, as well as After completion maintenance service that will keep your home fine-tuned and running well. Think about it this way – If you purchased a new Vehicle and it was a Mercedes, would you take it to a GM dealer for repairs? Likely not. Click Here to find out more

6. Protection

BUILD with Protection

  • 2 year warranty*.
  • Insurance Coverage AWARD WINNING member of Renomark and BILD since 2008:
    1. Workman’s Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) and
    2. $5,000,000.00 liability insurance coverage.
  • Derive great comfort to a WORRY-FREE RENOVATION. As a Member of BILD and RENOMARK we subscribe to a Code of Ethics and code of conduct.
  • * Terms and conditions apply.