Spring Check Up

With Spring hopefully around the corner, it is that time of year again where we have to look at our houses and evaluate what projects we would like to tackle. Some of the projects may be ones that are not necessarily glamorous or what you would say exciting, and some of the projects may be the ones we would all love to do – Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions, etc…. We all have budgets though and have to choose what is best for the finances and for the home. With the type of winter we had in the GTA, it will most definitely push our priorities to the more un-glamorous projects as our properties and houses have taken a beating with all of the freeze thaw freeze, freeze and extra freezing that we have endured. Make it a point to really look closely at your property EARLY this year. There will be 2 types of damage that may have occurred, the really noticeable type, and the not so noticeable.

Key things to look out for will be the grading around the property, sealing (caulking) around windows, eaves trough performance, roofing, exterior cladding and your foundation. Other things to consider may be to install a back up generator for the times when our power says goodbye for a few hours or even days! All of these areas protect your house from damage to the interior. After our uncharacteristic winter, all of these areas whether they have been done recently, not so recently, properly or not, will have undergone a serious challenge. I know we are not alone in saying this, this winter has definitely changed the outlook we have in relation to our project’s exteriors. It will make us pay extra attention to all details in order to help prioritize and solve problems before they arise for our clients.

Best way to start will be to take a walk around the house, both on foot as well on ladder to Inspect the areas of the exterior. Take some time to observe, not just a quick cursory glance. Be sure to note what you see and decide whether some attention will be required. If you are looking for help, WC Meek’s, 360°HOME can offer service to take care of this for you.

Feel free to contact us for details and to arrange a consultation with your wants, needs and concerns. We will point your home in the right direction!

Happy spring!

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