Hambly – Bathroom

3rd Floor – the original space was 2 separate bathroom areas having a tub and a sink at one place and toilet and a sink at the other place, which did not make sense for its functions as unified Bathroom or for the Master Suite space plan.

Lyncroft – Renovations

We’ve taken our usual care with every detail in this challenging budgeted renovation to revive the home’s ambience, adding value to property with selection of timeless finishes.

Kenilworth – Renovations

Open concept layout and large Kitchen with Island is the requirement for young family in addition to better space and flow by extending main floor area over original awkward staircase set up and void.

Hambly Avenue – Newly Remodeled Homes

The Clients of the 1927 Beaches house were facing challenges for daily life needs of a growing family. The challenges being low functionality of the spaces for daily living needs coupled with conditions requiring constant repair / maintenance.

Client’s goal was to ‘’Make the space creative and functional to suit their needs within the same footprint on the property ‘’ and ‘’Enhance lifestyle and overall comfort level’’.