Why Design-Build with WCM?

W.C. Meek believes that listening to the clients requirements for design and functionality, budget and time constraints, coupled with a continuous line of open communication, are the keys to a project’s success.
There is an INCREDIBLE advantage to working with WCM in a Design-Build arrangement as we parallel our Budget analysis with our Concepts and Design.  This in turn decreases the possibilities of over Design in relation to your Budget and time loss.  VERY IMPORTANT!
Many times we are invited to price a project where the Client’s Architect or Designer has put together a drawing package based on their Dream Home or Renovation.  The project is in for permit, or in some cases, the permit is received and project is ready to go.  Next comes pricing the project and finding the builder.  With all due respect to Architects & Designers, when a project has been designed with this process, most of the time the pricing for these drawings reveal that the design does not reflect the most critical element, the Client’s budget, resulting into great disappointment. You may also find that these drawings provide generic material specification or no finishes specification. Assumptions then must be made which may, or may not be to your expectations. It is very difficult to provide REALISTIC pricing based on generic terms such as Hardwood or Tile or Cabinetry.  This is something All Clients need to realize.  A good Builder/Renovator will put realistic numbers in, a dishonest one will put low numbers in to make their price shine.  This can be an incredibly deflating experience for the homeowner, as well as the prospective Builder/Renovator.  We see the projects, they look incredible, designed to perfection at times, then the Client realizes the drawings represent a budget that is over what they can afford.  Design-Build with WCM does not let this happen!
An Alternative to going full Design-Build with WCM – Choose your own Designer or Architect and have WCM Consult and Collaborate to help develop the Costing in relation to Design, and assist in development of details to bring project in line with your budget. This arrangement works best when we are brought into the Project Process early, at Concept Stage.  This will help develop your Project Budgets early on, so that you are not spending too much money on Design early in the process then find that you are not able to Build your Project later in the process.
On Larger scale Specialized Projects where Architects, Engineers, and specialized Designers are required, WCM can take the Construction Manager Role in order to facilitate Concept, Design, Scope of Work, Permit, then on to Build, and finally maintain.